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So, who am I?  I'm a female student from a working class background who is the first in her family to attempt higher education.  I have an undergraduate degree in Education Studies and a Master's degree in Education, Policy and Society.  I have recently started a full time PHD.  How did I make this journey?  By drawing on practical study skills to enable me a way into my studies - this is in turn started a process of me taking ownership of my work and feeling inspired to keep going.



Initial thoughts


Having now undertaken four literature reviews, I feel I have some sense of their purpose!  If I had to sum up this in a sentence it would be something like:


‘The purpose of a literature review is to locate my research within the field of existing relevant research literature’. 


Or, in other words, the aim of a literature review is to show the wider academic community that I know about the areas relating to my topic and I am also able to see how my topic is situated within and relevant to these areas.  This may sound a bit abstract, but actually it can be very practical; it’s a matter, in part, of justifying your work and the relevance of it within the field you are interested in.




When I first saw this topic I thought what I tend always think at the outset of starting to write something new; how much do I know about this topic and how much do I need to find out?  Whilst this may seem an obvious starting point, it is an extremely useful one; it allows me to get an idea of roughly how much reading and research I may need to do in order to be able to complete the task.  So, to decide on this, I did an initial brainstorm:



Brainstorm - why reading strategies?




Having brainstormed the literature review title, I have broken the overall topic down into some key sub areas.  This has enabled me to come up with the following draft headings and an initial outline of what will be considered within those headings.  The draft structure, will no doubt, change several times as I read and consider new ideas, concepts and arguments which will evolve the literature review.  However, starting with a draft structure is useful as it allows me to focus on the key areas I want to cover, and will also help to keep my writing on track.


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